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FlexCAD Industrial Design Series: PIPE

FlexPIPE is a complete module for creation of intelligent plant layouts, equipment arrangements, and piping orthographic drawings. Intelligence resides in attributed data nodes for standard equipment, pipes, valves and fittings (PVF), and AISC steel shape members. This data is used for draw-time checking against spec, rating and size, for automatic dimensioning,and for FlexSNAP insertions to end-nodes of fittings.



Mode-selectable Fittings - Select Buttweld or Flanged mode from a pull-down menu, and FlexPIPE will automatically draw the appropriate fitting geometry. 

Double/Single Line Selection - Set the single line size threshold, and FlexPIPE will draw fittings, valves, and flanges in the appropriate style based on the nominal size selected. 

Parametric Equipment - Use FlexPIPE’s routines to draw vertical or horizontal equipment and tower section cuts, complete with nozzle selection and placement, in seconds.

Parametric Supports - Create base ell and dummy leg supports, and FlexPIPE will automatically size and draw them based on parametric tables, which can be edited to conform to company standards. 

Trigonometry Calculator - Find the solution to any right triangle quickly using the FlexPIPE built-in trig calculator. 

Flexible Layering Control - Use the default standards of FlexPIPE or easily modify them to meet company standards. 



FlexPIPE is a complete module for the creation of intelligent process plant layouts and orthographic piping designs. FlexPIPE is a complete module for the creation of intelligent process plant layouts and orthographic piping designs). In-situ intelligence resides in attributed data nodes for equipment, forpipes, valves & fittings (PVF), and for steel members. This data is used for draw-time checking against spec, rating and size, for FlexSNAP insertion and routing modes, and for automatic dimensioning, notation and reporting.

FlexPIPE especially benefits fast-track projects with its 24-hour, self-learning curve; ease-of-use & intuitiveness; quick-start implementation requiring low or no IT resource; and profit-enhancing and project-friendly pricing. While standalone licenses are hardware-based, workgroup licenses are most often software-managed with the Network Licensing Option supporting license check-in/check-out, redundant server, and WAN 24/7 implementations. FlexCAD’s high-productivity per desktop hour combined with NLO’s higher utilization of licenses translates into on-time and under-budget projects.

Plant layout functionality includes placements of common equipment types and accessories, as well as structures and piperacks. Piping design functionality includes parametric routines and catalogs for inserting standard ASME PVF – additional routines/catalogs for API, FRP, PVC or manufacturer’s standards are available or may be created. Designs may be spec-driven by standard or modified PIP specs, or by custom specs created with the companion no-charge IDS-SPEC Generator. Additional functionality for dimensioning, notation and custom symbology contribute further to rapidtransmittals of accurate drawings for construction or fabrication.


Additional Features:

Equipment routines: Included are routines for drawing towers, reactors & vertical vessels; exchangers, kettles & horizontal vessels; pumps & compressors; separators/filters; and drums/tanks. Nozzles may be attached directly to equipment or inserted as tower cuts. Routines are also included for grated platforms, ladders, handrails, and AISC steelshapes used in supporting structures.

Pipe and Fittings: Buttweld, flanged, socketweld, and/or threaded endtypes for parametric pipe, reducers, flanges/flangepairs (std & orifice), gaskets, swages, elbows (long/short-radius, bends, & reducing), 45Ls, tees (straight/reducing), crosses, and returns, as well as olets, couplings, unions, plugs, caps and nipples (3”/close); also base-ells, trunions, dummy legs and other supports. Pipe racks may be designed with AISC steel libraries.

Valves: Parametric routines are included for gate, ball, globe, butterfly, check, needle, plug, and control valves—handwheels, with rotation, are optional where appropriate. Valves may be inserted as flanged, flanged valve assemblies,or as buttweld, and indeterminate valve lengths (esp. for control valves and butterflys) may be prompted for upon insertion.Dimensional data for PVF are kept in parametric catalogs which may be modified or extended by the user. Whole new fitting classes may be introduced (e.g. PVC, fiberglass, filament-wound, AWWA, etc.) by PI Integrated as extensions according to project, customer, or industry requirements under the terms of an annual Software Support Agreement.

Extras: AutoPIPE/AutoATTACH modes and AutoELBOW/AutoRUN functions programatically insert PVF. Additional piping/structural components include insulation, shoes, anchors, base-ells, trunions, and dummy legs. Drawing notation and symbology includes flow arrows, section call-outs, revision clouds/triangles, tie-in symbols, and full dimensioning capabilities. Users may further extend this symbology using site-specific custom user blocks.



Color: F25858

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PI Integrated Systems is confident that FlexCAD's 20-year track record and our registered developer and unique application reseller association with Autodesk qualify us to provide our clients with the very best in productivity software for the design of petrochemical plants, refineries, and other industrial facilities. In order to show you our confidence in our product, we offer a FREE 30 Day Trial of our FlexCAD software.

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