Pop-Up Steel Library - Select member sizes from the FlexSTEEL pop-up, which includes the complete AISC steel tables. 

Parametric Member Function - Choose one of FlexSTEEL’s three drawing modes, Double Line, Single Line and Symbol, to represent structural members in the desired way. 

Steel Editing Tools - Use their feature of FlexSTEEL to quickly clean up member intersections. 

Extended Steel Detail Library - Easily complete standard structural details using this extensive library from FlexSTEEL. 

Extended Industrial Architectural Detail Library - Take advantage of this FlexSTEEL library to place details such as doors and plumbing fixtures with ease. 

Extended Standard Schedule Drawings Library - Eliminate tedious drafting tasks by using the comprehensive set of detail schedules for concrete and pipe provided by FlexSTEEL. 

Automated Architectural Functions - Improve drafting productivity with the FlexSTEEL “toolbox” functions, including automated wall router and door placement with cut out. 



FlexSTEEL is a complete module for creation of intelligent structural & civil orthographic drawings of equipmentstructures, pipe racks, and support buildings such as control houses, substations, analyzer houses, and operator shelters,as well as administration buildings and warehouses. Drawing intelligence resides in attributed data nodes for AISC steelshape members and other structural, civil & architectural components—this data is used for generating total weights and MTO’s, for automatic dimensioning & notations, and for FlexSNAP insertions to positioning nodes.


Additional Features:

Steel library: Included are double-line, single-line, and/or symbolic representations of wide-flange, standard, tee, angle, and channel shapes, as well as square and rectangular tubing. Standard structural details and notes are included in extensible steel detail and steel notes libraries. Routines are provided to draw stairs, ladders, handrails, and grated platforms which are also supplemented by standarddetail libraries for each. Standard detail libraries are additionally provided for base plates, fireproofing and concrete. As with structural details and notes, these libraries are similarly modifiable and extensible.

Equipment and piping: Simple shelled vessel representations for towers, reactors & other vertical vessels—and forex changers, drums & horizontal vessels are provided—as are simple orthographic representations for runs of pipe.

Concrete: Concrete is represented as simple hatches within bounding geometry. Parametric routines are provided for drawing circular, square/rectangular, or octagonal drilled piers and embedments.

Architectural: Routines for drawing interior walls include generating corners, intersections and crossing walls, as well as door openings. Libraries of standard doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures are provided.

Extras: Additional steel functions include a weld symbol generator for the creation of weld symbols. Drawing notation and symbology includes column, pipe support & detail designators, section call-outs, revision clouds/triangles, fencing, bar scales, and material list charts, as well as full dimensioning capabilities. Users may further extend this symbology using site-specific custom user blocks. 

Demo Information

PI Integrated Systems is confident that FlexCAD's 20-year track record and our registered developer and unique application reseller association with Autodesk qualify us to provide our clients with the very best in productivity software for the design of petrochemical plants, refineries, and other industrial facilities. In order to show you our confidence in our product, we offer a FREE 30 Day Trial of our FlexCAD software.

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