Automatic Elbows - Select the line(s) and FlexISO places the elbows. 

Automatic Pipe - After placing the fittings, valves and flanges, selective line(s) and FlexISO draws the appropriate pipe segments in the correct size and specifications. 

Isometric Assemblies - Draw complete instrument and drain assemblies, including all graphics and BOM information, with a single pick. 

Automatic Material - Complete the drawing, and with a single pick FlexISO will generate the Bill of Material, with all items sorted and totaled by size and type. 

Material Reports - Generate the BOM, and FlexISO can extract the information into an ASCII file for printing or importing into a database. Extract the information from multiple ISO’s, and FlexISO can produce a consolidated BOM report, in a variety of formats. 

Automated Dimensioning - Use FlexISO’s isometric dimensioning routine to make dimensioning a snap, with automatic selection of the proper text style and conversion to stacked fractions. 

Specification Driven - Create the isometric, and FlexISO will ensure that it meets all specification for materials, schedules, ratings, and fitting classes for each size. Use multiple specs on the same isometric, if needed. 

Specification Generator - Generate piping specifications in minutes, not hours, with the Spec Generator program supplied with FlexISO. 



FlexISO is a complete module for spec-driven creation of intelligent spool drawings and associated BOM/MTO reports. This intelligence resides in attributed data nodes for pipe, valves, and fittings; besides being reported as BOMs per drawing and as composite BOMs across multiple drawings, this data is used for draw-time checking against spec, rating and size, for automatic dimensioning, and for FlexSNAP insertions.


Additional Features:

Piping and Fittings: FlexCAD software includes buttweld, flanged, socketweld, and threaded endtypes for pipe, reducers, flanges, flange pairs, gaskets, swages, elbows, 45Ls, tees, crosses, and returns. A variety of olet branch connections are provided standard, as are couplings, unions, plugs, caps and nipples.

Valves: Parametric routines are included for gate, ball, globe, butterfly, check, needle, plug, control valves, and PSV’s—handwheels, with rotation, are optional where appropriate. Valves may be inserted as flanged, flanged valve assemblies,or as buttweld, and indeterminate valve lengths (esp. for control valves and butterflys) may be prompted for uponinsertion. Dimensional data for PVF are kept in parametric catalogs which may be modified or extended by the user. Whole new fitting classes may be introduced (e.g. PVC, fiberglass, filament-wound, AWWA, etc.) by PI Integrated as extensions according to project, customer, or industry requirements under the terms of an annual Software Support Agreement. The AutoELBOW function automatically generates appropriate branch fittings along a selected routing line, and the AutoPIPE function automatically inserts intervening pipe segments between fittings and valves. Besides generating BOMs and pipe cut-length tables, an AutoBUBBLE routine is provided to position automatically-generated bubbles for allcalled-out components.

Extras: Additional piping and structural components include platforms, insulation, shoes, anchors, base-ells, trunions, dummy legs, columns, and through-wall transitions. Isometric equipment available includes horizontal and vertical vessels, exchangers, kettles with nozzle insertion routines, pumps and other auxiliary equipment. Drawing notation and symbology includes flow arrows, revision clouds, tie-in symbols, spec-breaks, spool marks and inspection tags. Full iso-dimensioning routines are available. Users may further extend this symbology using custom blocks.

Demo Information

PI Integrated Systems is confident that FlexCAD's 20-year track record and our registered developer and unique application reseller association with Autodesk qualify us to provide our clients with the very best in productivity software for the design of petrochemical plants, refineries, and other industrial facilities. In order to show you our confidence in our product, we offer a FREE 30 Day Trial of our FlexCAD software.

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