Integrated Design System - 3DX


Flex3DX creates 3D intelligent plant models from which 2D plant layouts, equipment arrangements, and piping orthos and isos can be generated, and against which BOMs and weight tables, as well as equipment, valve, instrument and line lists, may be reported. Intelligence resides in attributed data nodes for standard equipment, pipes, valves and fittings, and AISC steel members. PVF data is used at draw-time to fit-check specifications, ratings and sizes, and for FlexSNAP insertions.


Additional Features:

Equipment routines: Flex3DX features dialog-driven routines for: Towers, reactors, vertical vessels, exchangers, kettles, horizontal vessels, pumps, compressors, separators, filters, drums, tanks, grated platforms, ladders, handrails, and other equipment structures.

Pipe and Fittings: Buttweld, flanged, socketweld, and threaded endtypes for parametric pipe, reducers, flanges, flange pairs, gaskets, swages, elbows, 45Ls, tees, crosses, returns, olets, couplings, unions, plugs, caps and nipples, base-ells, trunions, dummy legs and other supports. Pipe racks may also be designed with steel libraries.

Valves: Parametric gate, ball, globe, butterfly, check, needle, plug, and control valves with optional handwheels. Valves may be flanged, buttweld, threaded, or socketweld, or inserted as flanged valve assemblies.

Extras: AutoPIPE and AutoATTACH modes and AutoELBOW and AutoRUN functions programatically insert PVF. Dimensional data in PVF parametric files may be modified or extended to create whole new fitting classes (e.g. PVC, fiberglass, filament-wound, AWWA, etc).


Demo Information

PI Integrated Systems is confident that FlexCAD's 20-year track record and our registered developer and unique application reseller association with Autodesk qualify us to provide our clients with the very best in productivity software for the design of petrochemical plants, refineries, and other industrial facilities. In order to show you our confidence in our product, we offer a FREE 30 Day Trial of our FlexCAD software.

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